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That Would Be Me

Creative Designer
BFA | Graphic Design
BA | Integrated Marketing Communication
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

I make stuff. Pretty Cool Stuff.

I've been creating things with stuff as far back as I can remember so I became a professional designer.

Design is my passion. It's my passion to create, whether it is with design, images or words, that inspires me to explore the world. I enjoy my line of work because I believe no artist is exactly the same so I am able to accomplish tasks that only my mind, vision and artistry can achieve.

Working with clients and creating solutions through design is something I truly enjoy. I believe good design should be clean, dynamic, functional and memorable. I'm knowledgable in many areas of design including (but not limited to) branding, typography, print, web, motion graphics, industrial and security design.

I believe art and culture is an important part of life. Whether it is the art scene, checking out food and music festivals or seeing performing arts. There's so much out there to experience. Music plays a large part in my design. It sets the mood and tempo while I am working.

Oh, and I love food. I'm an adventurous foodie that likes trying new places. If I could then I would swap places for a day with Andrew Zimmern in a heartbeat. Who am I kidding? Probably a week. Maybe a month.

I hope my words and work stand as a testament for my desire to learn, to design and above all else to succeed.


Let's work together and let me tell you why

How may I help you today?

I have several years of professional experience in print design. I gave up counting the exact number of years because time flies when you're having fun. If you are seeking something beautifully crafted that needs to be printed then this would be it. Name it and I've done it - flyers/posters, business cards, advertisements, postcards, banners, invitations and the list goes on. It sounds like I get around a lot, but trust me, I am a faithful and dependable designer.
Branding is my passion. To begin with a direction and turning it into a concept is a task I enjoy to perform. Taking that concept and applying it to different applications is exciting and natural for me. Establishing an identity that my client is proud to display everywhere is rewarding.
My web knowledge is growing everyday. In today's society, online presence is vital for any company to succeed and I want to be a part of that. I self-taught the process of understanding and coding html, css and php. Let me tell you that it wasn't easy, but I did that so you didn't have to. I can be thoughtful like that.

Technical Skills

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • InDesign

  • Dreamweaver

  • Flash

  • After Effects



See what I've done
Project 1

Kiosk Poster

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 2

Lucky 7's Poster

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 3

Craft Pints
Seven Magazine Ad

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 4

Fantasy Football Draft

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 5

O'Aces Bar Handout

Project 6

PT's Gold Postcard

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 7

888 Poker Pop Up

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 8

Golden Rewards Mailer

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 9

PT's Happy Hour

Project 10

Summerpalooza Flyer

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 11

PT's Hard Rock Mailer

Project 12

PT's Holiday Free Play

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 13

PT's UNLV Basketball Flyer

Project 14

Best of Las Vegas Eblast

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 15

PT's Ranch Menu

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 16


Project 17

Detail Prints

Project 18

Artists for Autism Skateboard

Paint Markers, Spray Paint
Project 19

Light Sculpture

My piece for a group exhibition.
Click link below to watch video.
View Video
Project 20

Paradise Mural
Boulevard Mall

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 21

Two of the Lucky Ones

Project 22

Great Art Picks Up Where Nature Ends

Project 23

Year of the Dragon

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 24

Hawaii Stamps

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 25

Oreo Package Design

Project 26

Sony Headphones Rendering

Project 27

BFA Postcard

Project 28

BFA Poster

Illustrator, Photoshop
Project 29

UNLV Hiring Banner

Project 30

Lights Exhibition Book

Click link below to view book.
View Work
Project 31

Iconic Entertainment Branding Package

Click link below to view book.
View Work
Project 32

UNLV Marketing Book

Click link below to view book.
View Work
Project 33

UNLV Campus Life Branding Package

Click link below to view book.
View Work
Project 34

Nissan Plan Book

Click link below to view book.
View Work
Project 35

JCPenney Plan Book

Click link below to view book.
View Work
Project 36

Adobe Commercial

View Video
Project 37

Lucky Fortune Plasma

View Video
Project 38

Becker Stephenson Website

Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop
Click link below to view website.
View Work
Project 39

Chalkdog Website

Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop
Click link below to view website.
View Work
Project 40

Lightswitch Studios Website

Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop
Click link below to view website.
View Work

Awesome Encounters

With people I had the pleasure of knowing


"During my time at Golden Gaming, I had the honor of working side by side with Bryant on the creative team.

Upon hiring him, I knew he would bring a refreshing outlook on design and challenge what we had deemed the norm. He is able to jump into a situation, adapt quickly and has a natural eye for design. He is a great problem solver--knows how to handle large amounts of text in a small amount of space and reversely, knows how to fill a large space with small amounts of copy. Because of these attributes, he's unknowingly challenged me to be better and never settle. Now, how do you get better? Simple: hire people like Bryant."

"I've had the pleasure of working with Bryant at Golden Gaming since November '12.

He is a very professional, dependable, and focused employee. I consider him an asset to the company in many respects. Bryant possesses a strong work ethic and has the personality to fit any corporate setting."

"Bryant is an incredibly detail-oriented and extremely talented individual.

During his time with Student Union & Event Services (SUES) at UNLV he helped create and maintain the professional image of the organization. He always fulfilled the tasks assigned to him with dedication and precision. Bryant's work has been complemented by competing organizations on many occasions and, in addition, he willingly and enthusiastically participated and won numerous awards on regional and national higher education levels too. He is driven, professional, and his creativity and originality has not been matched since his departure from SUES."

"Bryant has built two complete websites for me, both of which have garnered unsolicited praise from my clients for their completeness, ease of use, and beauty.

One client went so far as to call the website art, and request his name. He responds promptly to issues, and delivered the sites on time. I am so comfortable with his vision and skill that I deliberately try not to give him too much direction -- he is an artist and I don't want to restrain him. I will never use anyone but Bryant. "

"Imagine a great creative designer... knowledgeable, artistic, unique, professional and punctual.

That's pretty much what I know I can expect every time I contact Bryant for a new project. He has never let me down. His translation of the ideas I present to him has always been on point. Bryant does a spectacular job of identifying the roots of the design and growing it into a beautiful end product. I will continue to work with Bryant for as long as I'm able to. Highly recommended!"


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